Cleanroom Sticky Mats

Cleanroom Sticky Mats

Sticky mats are widely used in industries such as electronics, LCD, PCB, medical appliance, computer, instrument, pharmaceutical, aerospace, especially in the semi-conductor factory.

The mat is composed of high quality polyethylene films and coated with water soluble acrylic-based adhesive. it grabs and retains particulates from foot- and wheel-borne contaminants. It can remove the dirt, particulate of the sole effectively and keep the environment clean. It is easy to use, dirty layer can be disposed easily.


Features of Cleanroom Sticky Mats:

Thin sticky sheet, specially treated

Digital label on edge helping identification and use

Economical and practical

Multiple sizes available

Applicable to personnel in clean room and inlet for material

Product Description


* Size (inch): 18 *36 / 18 *45 / 24 *36 / 26 *45

* Material: LDPE

Color: blue , white, customized

Stickiness: low/middle/high

Thickness: 0.03mm/0.035mm/0.04mm/0.045mm

Film: 30 films/mat; 60 films/mat

Package: 4 mats/ctn, 8 mats/ctn, 10 mats/ctn

Test Instruments: