Wrist strap tester

Wrist Strap Tester


The wrist strap tester can be operated easily by the certain resistance range to quickly show the accurate testing result by LED light.

It is used to test the wrist strap whether is qualified and meets the required standard and make sure the wrist strap runs well and leak the ESD charge to protect products and user.
Product Description

Operation Instruction

1)Connect the alligator clip of tester with the clip of the wrist strap( must connected with the top screw for cordless wrist strap)

2)Use one finger of the hand which wearing the wrist strap to press the test button in the middle

3)If the connected line is ok, the green light”good” will be lighted up with sound, this means the wrist strap can be used.

4) If one of the lights “low” or “high”is lighted, means the wrist strap can’t be used.

Test ranges

1)The connection between wrist strap and the ground line.

2)The touch resistance between wrist strap and skin.

3)The connections of the wrist strap with the ground connected tools such as ESD mat, ESD grounding-plate etc


Can be used to test many kinds of ground connected system to avoid the products damage by ESD to protect the user’s safety.


After 50000 times operation,if only the green light of “good” is lighted up but no sound can be heard, this means the battery needs to be changed.

Technical Data




Red( Low)


No sound



With sound



No sound

Outer size: 80(W)×40(H)×117(D)mm
Battery: DC 9V