Cleanroom Wipers

2-ply Quilted Polyester Wipes, Ultrasonic Sealed Edge

The wipe is made using two layers of knittde ployester fabric which have been laminated together to form a stronger, more absorbent wipe. The wipe has more than twice the absorbent capacity of the individual layers because aditional fluid id trapped in quilted pockets between the two layers. The wipes are ultrasonic-cut and sealed as well as extremely low in particle and fiber.

High sorbent capacity, ultra-clean

Good for require heavy duty absorption wiping in pharmaceutics, medical device, biotechnology lab, microelectronics, semiconductor, products.

Cleaning and polishing

Superior for spill control and general wiping in ISO Class 5 & 6 Cleanroom facilities

Product Description


Semiconductor & Electronics: General wiping in primary areas, work stations & equipment, chamber cleaning-Suitable

Medical Devise: Support areas gowning , general wiping in primary areas, work station & equipment-Suitable

General Clean Industrial: General ‘lint-free’ wiping: furniture finishing, work station/part cleaning in clean areas, general maintenance - Suitable