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Material;The handle is made of pp or ESD plastic,Purestat marked in the end of it;
The dustfree swab mainly used to clean uneasily contacted inside of the elements,especially wipe cannot contact。
The head with highly absorption,no losses particle,etc。
Plastic polymer handles soft and elasticity, uneasily broken,and nonabrasiveness for sensitive surface。
The edge was adopted unique-sealed technology to prevent liquid or fiber spills。
Tác phẩm mô tả
Purestat?foam head dustfree swab is mould the absorption purify foam on the polypropylene handle jointing directly,then washed with EDI ultra-pure water system and packed in class 10 to 100 cleanroom。


For Class 10 to 100 Cleanroom
Laser,semiconductor,optical instrument,electron microscope,magnetism read-write head,precision axletree,etc。

Technical data